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Making of Lava Lava

Fashion photographer Ibiza

As a fashion photographer Ibiza I work on different projects, and sometimes it is best for the project to do this abroad. This is an example of a kids fashion brand, for which I did the photography on Ibiza. The client asked for a concept where the goal was to create playful, bright and happy -but fashionable- photography. We started a brainstorm session to see what is needed and what the photography should look like. After this brainstorm session we made a moldboard and started gathering the right people. Due to the concept that we created for this fashion shoot the best place to shoot was at a sunny location like Ibiza. Ibiza was the perfect place to capture these great images. We worked together with an agent on location who could tell us the right places to shoot.

”to make a successful project”

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As a fashion photographer Ibiza it was not only my job to make beautiful images. It is also very important to have a great team of professionals to make a successful project.  I love to create an ambiance in which everybody feels great in order to have the best results for the client. Especially working with kids asks for a different approach; for them the set must be playful, relaxed and fun in order to capture the right moments.

Interested to work with me? Please contact me so we can talk about the different possibilities. I am always interested to work on new projects and to start new collaborations. Fashion is my passion and as a fashion photographer I love working on projects like this kids fashion project on Ibiza. Feel free to send me an email for more information or to ask me for an offer. I am looking forward to get in touch.

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Lava Lava
Photography: Roy Ensink
Styling: Sabine Albers

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